Vintage 1987 Parker Brothers NERF Ping Pong Game by TheModPasse

Vintage 1983 Nerf Ping Pong game Parker by AltmodischVintage

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Ideal Pingo Pongo Tabletop Game

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  • Some of the other Nerf spinoffs failed to achieve the notoriety of the Nerf football. By the time the 80s rolled around, Parker Brothers had started making things like Nerf Pool, Nerf Ping Pong, and, of course, Nerf Table Hockey. The company even started a line of Nerful action figures that looked like anthropomorphic Nerf balls.

    . Set up the game in minutes -- play for hours! NERF Ping Pong is durable enough to take
    lots of hard-hitting action -- bit its soft foam ball and plastic paddles won't hurt funiture.

  • NOTE:  We sell this game with one Nerf Ping Pong ball.

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