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  • The final category of newborn size baby clothes is accessories. Baby accessories can be a true joy to shop for and gift because they are just miniature replicas of the accessories that you love and use every day. These items include hair accessories such as bows and headbands, hats, sunglasses and even newborn baby jewelry. Accessories are great for topping off an outfit or making an article of clothing work for a specific season. Newborn size baby clothes accessories are wonderful gift ideas because you can give them alone or with other items for a complete adorable outfit.

    Another type of newborn size baby clothes that every mom needs to shop for is outerwear and warm weather clothing. These items include sweaters, jackets, shoes, mittens, hats, coats, tights and leggings, snowsuits, hoodies, and boots. Of course, the types of outerwear that you need for your baby will depend on where you live. If you live in a climate where it never snows, you won’t need heavy coats or snowsuits, but you will still want to have sweaters, jackets and sturdy shoes for cooler or rainy days. These items can be tough to give as gifts because it can be hard to know exactly what a baby is going to need, but if you are close to the mom then you can easily find out what outerwear items she wants to get for baby. These items might also be found on the baby registry if the parents have chosen to fill one out.

  • The second type of newborn size baby clothes is everyday clothing. These clothing items include shirts, pants and dresses. These newborn size baby clothes can be the most fun to shop for because they come in so many different styles. Shirts can be t-shirts, tank tops, camisoles, sweaters and polo shirts. Pants in newborn baby size include sweats, jeans, khaki’s, corduroys, leggings, and shorts. There are newborn size baby dresses in casual and dressy styles, which makes them versatile so that they can be worn on many different occasions. There are also rompers, overalls and other one-pieces. These newborn size baby clothes are excellent gift choices, you can give many full outfits or several separate pieces. You can even combine one or two pairs of pants or shirts with a package of One pieces for a very well-rounded baby gift.

    The first type of newborn size baby clothes that new moms should be sure to have are the basics. This category includes One pieces, socks, pajamas, and receiving blankets. One pieces are great because they are a one-piece t-shirt that snaps under the legs and can go under anything. They keep your baby warm and dressed and you can layer them or they can be worn all on their own. Socks will keep your baby’s feet warm all day and all night while warm pajamas like fleece sleepers will keep your little one covered while they are sleeping. These items can be great gifts as well, consider giving One pieces and socks together, or giving a pajama set with a matching receiving blanket to start the new mom off on the right track.

  • One of the best parts about brand new babies is shopping for and dressing them up in newborn size baby clothes. There are so many different kinds of adorable clothing for tiny babies and this makes having a baby in your family or circle of friends even more exciting. On the other hand, if you are expecting a new baby, it can be a little bit overwhelming trying to decide what clothing you need to get for your baby before he or she arrives. Our handy guide will help moms know what they need and also help friends and family members know what the best newborn size baby clothes gifts are.

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