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  • (Holiday Gift Ideas For Kids & Teens – New Just Dance Video Games) Our family had played this a few years ago during the holidays and had a blast dancing along to all the songs. We are going to have to buy this new one for sure-

    The new Just Dance 2014 DLC tunes are now available across all motion-controlled platforms, including the Wii and Wii U. The new DLC tunes will run you a hefty $2.99 each, include the following chart-topping tracks:

  • Just Dance IV has another new feature and this is the Dancer Card which is the only let down for me from the whole game. The idea of having personalised profile is great (definitely not new and quite necessary) but the way this feature was executed in the game is not intuitive at all. In the preceding games all you had to do was to put your disc in your game console and start dancing. There is no difference in Just Dance IV, or you might think so only until you realize that you can’t play/dance with your own name (which used to be added once you choose your song before). There is no information about the fact that there are Dancer Cards to be used in the new version and instead of being the first thing that comes up (with short explanation) on the screen one have to go and search how to add a name in the game. This is not very intuitive, especially when you can’t wait to just play your new Just Dance IV game.

    Just Dance 2016 launches on October 20 for , , , , , and. This year's game also features support for the new Just Dance Controller mobile app, which lets players (on current-generation consoles) to use their smartphone to play the game.

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