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Fun Express Vinyl Ninja Warrior Toys - 48 Pieces

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  • The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures really got themselves in some trouble this time. On an adventure to save Splinter the Turtles meet some characters they have never faced before. Staring the Turtles, Splinter, the Hulk, Lion-O of Thundercats, Grimlock of Transformers, and a quick appearance from Lexington and Broadway of Gargoyles. It is one Shell-Shock of an Adventures. The new TMNT movie Action Figures.
    I was just having some fun with some action figures and showing off the new TMNT action figures which look awesome and the new Turtles movie looks awesome also. Subscribe cause tons of awesome videos are coming to this channel you won't want to miss. Cowabunga
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    Well, one thing that the G.I. Joe Retaliation movie had in spades were ninjas, so it stand to reason that the toy line should also have it’s fill of the stealthy warriors.
    Hasbro pretty much nailed it when they included the in the first wave of figures, but for subsequent waves they went ahead and offered a few more ninja action figures that didn’t really appear in the movie, like this here Dark Ninja.

  • Ninja warriors fascinate young boys. The ninja is seen as the ultimate martial art expert and the king of super heroes. So it is no surprise that on the first place on the top gifts for boys is a Ninja action figure.

    Snake-eyes and Storm Shadow are probably the best looking ninja action figures. And the articulation allows these two ninja to get into some rather realistic positions when fighting.

    Ninja Action Figure
    Series 1 - Arms
    Number 024
    Rarity Uncommon
    Source Arms Fighting Styles Crafting

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    Each Ninja Turtle action figure is individually sculpted true to size and includes their signature colored bandana and core ninja weapons to easily identify and capture the personality of your favorite hero as seen in the TV show. These Ninja Turtle action figures include more articulation and decoration than ever so you can recreate your favorite action poses during battle.

Ninja Action Figures - Character Toys

In 2012, Playmates released a new series of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures with wide variety of characters of the popular Nickelodeon’s new CG animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.