Sanwa Octagon Gate by jonog123 is licensed under the license.

*Lower price than Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal gate

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  • The Sanwa GT-Y octagonal restrictor gate is the perfect addition to any fighting game fan's joystick. This gate will give you an improved 8-way feeling.

    This GT-Y gate is compatible with the Sanwa JLF series joysticks:

    The GT-Y gate is NOT compatible with the Sanwa JLW series joysticks.

    the stick rides around that circle restrictor. of course that means Suzo Happ or IL would have to manufacture a square or octagonal gate peice. (or do a top mount sorta like FreedomGundam said but prolly wont be made for the reasons he says).

  • Closest I found to a 8 way octagonal gate for a Happ/iL joystick is this, a plus shape 4 Way Gate, this is for games like Donkey Kong or Pac-Man that can't deal with diagonals

    I've only ever used a square gate on my JLF and decided to give an octagonal gate a shot just to see if I was missing anything, the main thing I was looking to improve was ease of execution of 2xQCF from the player one side as I'd always miss ultras in Street Fighter as I'd hang up on the gate or not reach the final forward. This gate has made a world of difference, not only can I now land my ultras quickly the whole feeling of the gate is just much better overall. I've not found any problems with finding down-back or down-forwards as some people complain about as you can still feel the stick lock into the right position on the gate.

    One major thing I'd say to anyone looking to try this gate is to buy a Kowal 1mm oversized actuator with it. After trying this gate with the stock actuator I found the throw distance to be far too large compared to square gate which was a problem for executing dashes. The Kowal 1mm actuator makes this gate just right for me.

    Home | Articles | Diminutive William and Mary Octagonal Gate-Leg Table

  • Home | Articles | Diminutive William and Mary Octagonal Gate-Leg Table

    Sold to a private collector
    A rare and fine diminutive William and Mary octagonal gate-leg table
    England, circa 1690
    H. 26 1/2", D. (closed) 12", Diam. 29"
    Courtesy of Jackson Mitchell, Inc.

    This remarkable object has superb form, color, surface decoration, and is of a rare small size. The unusual treatment of the top features oval herringbone designs on the middle section and leaves, and herringbone inlays along the table edge and in an arcaded pattern on the ends of the middle section. Most gate-leg tables are generally unembellished.

    The undercarriage of the table, with finely turned legs and gates, is also remarkable, being virtually all as made. The condition is amazing, as so much furniture of this type and portability has suffered from rot caused by damp floors and use. The drawer and the subtly shaped frieze are unusual features as well.

    A common question, currently there is no octagonal restrictor gate/plate for this joystick. However, unofficial modifications do exist. These mods remove the official square plate and instead inserts a Sanwa octagonal gate or GT-8F square gate with a .

Installing an octagonal gate on a Mad Catz TE fightstick

The QanBa octagonal restrictor gate is very similar to the popular Sanwa GT-Y octagonal gate. This restrictor gate is compatible with most of the popular Sanwa JLF series of joysticks. For compatability, please check the list below. This plastic restrictor gate is very simple to install. Just unclip your existing restrictor from the bottom of your Sanwa JLF series joystick and then line this round restrictor gate up with the lugs on the base of the joystick and push on to snap into place.