Take a look at what original pedal cars would cost now:

These parts are suitable for the Cyclops Sixty range of pedal cars

Will fit Cyclops, Peerless, Holden Pedal cars, tricycles.

InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car

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  • TAG : Suits a range of Triang pedal cars, Car 80, Duke, Epoch, etc.
  • The heyday for pedal cars in the United States occurred between the World Wars. For example, pedal cars were fixtures in Sears catalogs. Unfortunately, they could only be sent to customers who lived near tracks because mailing a steel car, even a small one, was simply not possible. Other companies that made pedal cars in the ’20s and ’30s included American National Automobiles of Toledo and Steelcraft of Murray, both based in Ohio.

    After World War II, the J-40 (or Junior Forty) made by Lines Bros. in Wales by retired miners and modeled after the 1949 Austin A-40 was probably the most popular pedal car in England. In the , the company offered 33 pressed-steel-body pedal cars, its heavily chromed Tri-ang Centurian being the top of the line.

  • The U.K.’s Lines Bros offered its customers 30 pedal cars in its 1937/38 catalog, from the basic Prince, which was designed for 2-to-4-year olds, to the Electric Rolls, which had a wooden body and a 12-volt electric motor driving the rear axle. Naturally the car had working brakes and headlights, real Dunlop tires (including a spare), and chrome-plated rims. As for its performance, it could travel 12 to 15 miles on a single charge and had a top speed of 5 mph.

    By the early , the company experimented with novelty cars such as the Noddy, which was like a small go-kart, but as the decade progressed it reverted back to pedal cars based on real automobiles such as the MG Midget.

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    Before the war, the Bon Marché in Paris had been selling pedal cars designed after Grand Prix Peugeots. After the war, French toy maker Eureka continued this trend, making pedal cars fashioned after Peugeots, as well as Renaults and the Citroen Rosalie.

Take a look at what original pedal cars would cost now:

What will cost you around two thousand dollars plus for an original (if you can find one) can be purchased new here for around two hundred dollars. Your pedal car will eventually gain the appreciative value of the listed cars above. This is a big reason why pedal cars have become so popular and why so many people are collecting these pedal cars. Very little investment, for maximum inflation values. We predict the limited editions will increase in value the fastest. Of course, others just want a stylish, all-metal ride-on toy car for their child, and at the same time helping them to get their exercise. So what are you waiting for? Get your pedal car(s) now!