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Our range of Peppa Pig toys includes everything from puzzles and  to books and  to encourage fun  and  at playtime.

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  • is one of UK’s favorite animated TV characters for children. She and her family and friends have become quite popular all over the world and the series airs on Nick Jr. in the US. Kids love to follow Peppa and her brother George in their adventures and they can now have their very own Peppa Pig toys to bring along in their daily adventures!

    I’m really impressed with these new Peppa Pig toys – I love the classic look, and that they are true to the series. They are also full of little details that make such a difference {such as wall decals in the house playset}. I’ve no doubt that these will appeal to all Peppa Pig fans, I know mine is thrilled to pieces with them.

  • Join in the fun with Peppa Pig and pals! At Toys R Us we stock a wide collection of exciting Peppa toys from books & DVDs to Peppa Pig playsets and figures. Nurture creativity with stationery, arts & crafts, and encourage logical thinking with puzzles & games. There’s a whole heap of learning toys featuring Peppa and the gang here at Toys R Us. Plus there’s lots of excitement to be had in the garden with outdoor toys such as scooters and bikes. Why not throw the kids a Peppa Pig party? We have all the essentials to ensure young ones will have a memorable oink-themed day.

    Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Her favourite things include; playing games, dressing up, days out and jumping in muddy puddles! Check out our lovely range of Peppa Pig toys, DVDs, clothing & accessories, stationery, homeware and more!

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Peppa Pig toys in English - Peppa has an accident in the pool