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Original Butterfly Garden with Live Cup of Caterpillars

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  • Butterflies are one of the pets available to own in Animal Jam. You can buy various versions items for your pet butterfly in the found around Jamaa, such as fire wings, transparent wings and angel wings, different antenna, Jet Packs, Swords, Capes, and Rocket Boosters. More items can be found in the secret Pet Shop in the .

    Needle size on this project isn’t crucial. I used #6.
    They should be either double-points or circular
    needles, even though you will be working back
    and forth, for the finishing steps. The final piece is
    about 5 inches across. A little big to wear, so I
    call them my pet butterflies.

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    Little Live Pets Butterfly House - Glamour Wing
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    Edu Science My Pet Butterfly - Orange Butterfly
    $14.99 $1.50

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