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  • Many girls love pink cars, especially those famous pink cars with beautiful outline and shape. So where to find them? I am going to show some beautiful pink cars. Please see pictures below.

    CAP compares prices achieved at auctions against its benchmark. Over six months from February to July, 51 pink cars were sold at an average price of 97.5 per cent of the Cap benchmark. That compares to 96.5 per cent for black and silver cars (with 28,300 and 18,000 sold respectively).

  • Actually pink cars are not those cars with pink color, they need to be accordance with whole color layout. If the car body is pink, and the wheels are also pink, then it’s not as good as we could imagine.

    Yet what about those crucial resale values? Tim Naylor, editor of British Car Auctions’ annual Used Car Market Report, says: “Pink remains a very scarce colour. However, when pink cars do get offered for sale, their scarcity can work in their favour.”

    Pink cars

  • This utterly disgusting picture, submitted by Rick, taken at the Walmart parking lot in Columbia , Missouri, is another example of what NOT to send when TTAC says: Hunt the pinkies! Send pictures of pink cars (cars, I say) to . Please enclose your TTAC screen name for proper credit. If you forget it, we’ll publish your pinkies under your full name.

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is a color truly devoted to women. It’s quite fashionable and trendy to move around in your pink car representing elegance and beauty. Pink tuning cars are gradually becoming a trend among women these days. For all the ladies who are thinking of getting their cars in this lovely color of pink, a top 10 list is provided. Here is the list of the world’s most exotic and beautiful pink colored cars: