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  • Earlier this week, -- better known as the original Pink Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (and my first crush) -- got back into her iconic Ranger suit, grabbed her guitar and performed on the streets of Toronto!

    I know what you're thinking: How could something this awesome actually happen? Well, as it turns out, Johnson is currently crowdfunding her directorial debut, The Space Between, on , and the original Blue Ranger David Yost challenged her to wear her Pink Ranger outfit and sing in public if she reached her goal of $75,000. Luckily, Johnson reached her goal early and -- and (no surprise here) she still pulls off the pink spandex!

  • The Pink Ranger is a deissignation given to one member in most teams. The Pink Ranger is usually a subordinate member of the team, and the also receive the most candid weapons. Unlike the Yellow Ranger, in every Power Rangers and Super Sentai series the Pink Ranger is always female, and their spandex suits almost always have skirts as well. They also pilot zords that have very little pink; their normally white with a pink trim. And no Pink Ranger has been featured as been featured has the only female of her team, though Kimberly Hart, Kendrix Morgan and Karone, Dana Mitchell and Jen Scotts' respective counterparts are the only female members of their respective teams.

    Gia Moran is Megaforce Yellow, the Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers Megaforce. Not only is she the prettiest and most intelligent girl in school, but Gia is also the toughest. She’s been best friends with Emma (the Pink Ranger) since they were little girls Gia would never dream of abandoning her friend just because they are in different social cliques. Sometimes her effortless success frustrates her new teammates but everyone knows they can count on her.

    Kimberly Ann Hart
    Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    Power Rangers Zeo
    Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
    Title(s) Pink Power Ranger
    Pink Ninja Ranger
    Color(s)      Pink
    First appearance Day of the Dumpster (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
    Last appearance Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
    Status Retired
    Homeworld Earth
    Zords Pterodactyl Dinozord
    Firebird Thunderzord
    Crane Ninjazord
    Portrayed by Amy Jo Johnson (teenager and adult)
    Maxxe Sternbaum (child)
    Naomi Scott (2017 reboot)

    • A-Squad Pink Ranger
    • Cassie (robot)
    • Cassie Chan
    • Dana Mitchell
    • Emma
    • Emma Goodall
    • Jen Scotts
    • Karone
    • Katherine Hillard
    • Kendrix Morgan
    • Kimberly (2017 movie)
    • Kimberly Ann Hart
    • Kimberly Ann Hart (1995 movie)
    • Kristen
    • Marie Claire le Monde
    • Mia Watanabe
    • Pink Megaforce Ranger
    • Pink Mutant Ranger
    • Psycho Pink
    • Rose Ortiz
    • Sarah
    • Sydney Drew
    • Vida Rocca

    Shelby Watkins is Dino Charge Pink Ranger in Power Rangers: Dino Charge. Shelby is a rough n' tough tomboy who doesn't mind getting her nails dirty! She balances her tough physicality with a sharp mind and love for paleontology. Shelby is the 1st African American Pink Ranger in Power Rangers History.

Pink Rangers who can assume and forms.

Wow glad to know i am not the only one who has thought about the power rangers. I was cleaning out some old box's and found a pink ranger trading card and wondered where they all are.