Check out pogo sticks for fitness or just plain fun.

* Fastest mile on a pogo stick: 12 minutes and 16 seconds

* Longest distance in underwater pogostick jumping (yeah, I don't know why either): 1680 feet

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick (Black/Silver)

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  • TAG : Ianimate Workshop 3 pogo stick snipetInstructor : Michael Kiely
  • 4. Despite its blatant orgy references, the blitzing "Bounce" was used in the family-friendly animated film .
    "Unannounced Twister games, all players with no names/They lined up, double quick, but just one pogo stick," Tankian belts on "Bounce." "Everyone gets to play, runaway, exposé/It was so exotic, but just one pogo stick."

    This pogo stick is made for older children for a weight range of 80 to 160 pounds, ages 9 and older. It comes in 3 color configurations: silver-blue, black-yellow and black-silver. This is a modern version of the old toy and updated for safety and durability. The frame is covered with foam and the foot pegs and handle grips are covered with non-slip rubber. This is another highly reviewed item by satisfied buyers.

  • The highest jump on a pogo stick is 3.2 m (10 ft 6 in) and was achieved by both Biff Hutchison and Dalton Smith (both USA) during Pogopalooza 2015 at WaWa Welcomes America, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, on 3 July 2015. Their record was equalled by Nic Patino (USA) during Pogopalooza 2016, at Carrie Furnace, in Swissvale, Pennsylvania, USA, on 8 July 2016.

    These best pogo sticks for kids are fun for both boys and girls. As a bonus, kids will enjoy exercising and learning balance and coordination. Make sure they are wearing the appropriate protective headgear when using. When buying a pogo stick for kids, don’t just check the recommended age range, look for the weight recommendations. If a child is too light or heavy, the stick will not bounce. Using a pogo stick has inherent risk, but if the child is not within the recommended weight for the pogo stick, it is not safe to use.

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  • Old Vintage Pogo Stick

    Old vintage custom mounted metal child's pogo stick. Measures 34" tall Price on request.

    Riley Jacobs, a 13-year-old Steamboat Springs Middle School student who lives in Oak Creek, wowed parade goers with her display of rope jumping while bouncing on a pogo stick.

Pogo Stick Super High Rise 1960 Toy.

or is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks on extreme pogo sticks, defined as such by their durability and potential for height. Today's Xpogo sticks have the potential for over 10 ft. of height (measured from the ground to the bottom of the tip). Extreme pogo is a relatively new extreme sport and is currently emerging into popular culture as evidenced by the growing number of Xpogo athletes around the globe, growing sales from extreme pogo companies, the popularity of Xpogo athlete exhibition teams, positive feedback and continued interest in Xpogo content on sites such as YouTube, and the expanding scope of the annual World Championships of Xpogo, Pogopalooza.