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Pokeno is difficult - at times impossible - to find in stores, so you may have to shop online.
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Po-Ke-No Red with Free Deck of Playing Cards

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  • TAG : 1960s vintage PoKeNo game by marci922 on Etsy, $7.50
  • But what if you have more than 12 players? There's no sense in buying 2 Jumbo Pokeno's, because the cards are the same in all boxes. What you need is 1 regular Pokeno set and one set of Pokeno Too. Pokeno Too comes in a blue box, and it has 12 game boards and 200 chips. With one set of regular Pokeno and one set of Pokeno Too combined, you can have up to 24 players. I don't know any way of accommodating more than 24 players.

    Pokeno is a combination of poker and bingo, played like bingo. Instead of playing with a standard bingo card everyone uses a Pokeno card, which has card names and suits on it. As card names are called out, players cover the cards with their poker chips until one of them wins the game. There are other variations of the game that can make it more interesting to play. An electronic version of Pokeno is available to play at most casinos.

  • Decide whether you are playing standard Pokeno, where a player wins with is five cards in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, or if you are going to play a variation like four corners or full card.

    Continue calling cards until one of the players has five in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The player may also have the four outside corners or a full card if you are playing one of those variations. When the player gets what he needs to win on his card he calls out Pokeno.

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    Me too. I've been trying to search when Pokeno was first printed.

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    I would like to know when and where was Po-ke-no first invented and played.

    The game of Po-Ke-No is one that is a combination of two other well-known games. These two games are poker and Keno. By combining these two games together the result is a game that resembles quite closely to bingo.

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Like bingo, Pokeno® has its variations, such as cover-all or 4-corner. However, other variations exist that make it even more interesting and fun, especially to those who enjoy card games. Pokeno® is best played with a group of people and the game accommodates up to 12 players, but can be played with only two. Standard rules require a dealer, who shuffles and flips the cards, and the first player to cover five squares in a row is the winner and becomes the dealer for the next round.