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  • RIM releases the "more social" BlackBerry Messenger 6 service to share apps, the BBC launches a paid version of its iPlayer service for the iPad, and Nintendo dramatically drops the price of its 3DS handheld game device after lackluster sales.

    Seriously, people are "worried" about the price of the 3DS? People pay $600 for an iPad, they pay $300 for netbooks when a full sized, similarly priced Laptop smokes it. The handheld market, does NOT compete with the console market. Portable machines are just that, portable and have their own market, or has no one been paying attention for the last few decades?

    3DS is a powerful handheld machine with new technology. It is far from being "5-6 years old". That is like saying the iPhone 4 graphics capabilities are "4-6 years old" because it doesn't compare to the 360. It is silly.

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