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The Last of Us - PlayStation 3

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  • I guess I’m very picky about what video games I spend my money on because I’ve only added a dozen to my PS3 collection since the last time I wrote about my collection . In my defense as a video gamer, I have bought some for the Wii but I’m less impressed with them all the time and would choose a PS3 game over a Wii anytime I’m playing alone. I’ve also acquired a PSP and a few games. Unfortunately, my old eyes tire of playing on a tiny screen in a pretty short time so the PS3 is still my console of choice.

    , one of the few PS3 exclusive games nowadays, is a wonderful experience. I’m not sure what they call it, maybe third-person interactive, but it’s unique. You play as four different characters, each in their turn, as you try to find the serial killer dubbed The Origami Killer and saving the latest missing child before he, too, is found dead. During the game you will be able to make choices that change the storyline, sometimes even killing off one or 2 of the characters you’re playing. I’ve played it several ways, changing the ending each time, and still haven’t won the trophy for seeing all the endings.

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luxury games : 286 Ps3 Games /w 2tb hd + mod kit *Gamelist update#2*

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