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  • Intense Pulsed Light systems release short pulses of filtered light that is readily absorbed by the high concentration of melanin found within freckles, sun spots or liver spots. The rapid absorption of light energy heats the melanin and causes the destruction of the melanin-rich- cells.

    Intense Pulsed Light systems release precisely controlled short pulses of filtered light that stimulate the fibroblast cells within the skin that produce collagen and elastin. In addition, specific lesions such as thread veins, age spots and freckles can be targeted resulting in a more uniform complexion. The skin becomes firmer, appears more radiant and enlarged pores are reduced.

  • Intense Pulsed Light Skin Rejuvenation offers a solution for all the visible signs of ageing caused by sun damage, such as brown spots (pigmentation), redness (thread veins) and uneven skin texture (collagen).

    You will find various types of lasers utilized for healing rosacea: pulsed dye laser, pulsed Nd, intense pulsed light source (IPL), and CO2 lasers. These lasers are applied to deal with the harmful effects of rosacea that brought on lesions in the blood vessels, which is carried out in a targeted, non-invasive manner. A single particular example may be the treatment of telangiectasias, or dilated blood vessels that brings about visible lines on the face.

    Device TypeImpulsed Light System
    Emitted Wavelenght420-750nm / 510-950nm / 570-950nm / 620-850nm / 670-950nm / 710-950nm
    Pulse TypeSquare Pulse
    Transmittion MediumHandpiece with Flashlamp
    Pulse Energy35 J/cm2 Max.
    Treated Area12x40mm (4,8cm2)
    Pulse Duration2ms - 300ms
    Repetition RateUp to 1 Hz
    User InterfaceLCD Display Touchscreen
    CoolingLiquid cooling closed circuit
    Power SpecificationsAC220/230V 22A 50-60Hz
    CE Certification:Yes
    Peso82,5 Kg

  • Br It uses intense pulse light for hair removal and skin you may have interest please do not hesitate to contact me...
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    IPL can permanently reduce hair growth, most effectively in darker, coarser hair. There are many names and devices for pulsed light treatments such as E-Light, ELOS, and M-Light.[] is different and uses coherent, laser light.

How does Intense Pulsed Light Work?

A great deal of research remains to be done before pulsed light technology will be suitable for commercial use. Most results presented in this report should be confirmed by independent researchers. The following is a list of areas where relevant information is lacking: