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A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1)

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  • The Outlander TV series will have its day (and beyond) of that I’m sure. To me Outlander is to the Narnia Chronicles as Game of Thrones is to Lord of the Rings (dont get pissed off yet; I’m not saying they’re ‘up there’ with those literary classics as such!)

    Thank you George! As much as I ADORED game of thrones this year and they definitely deserve all nods that they got, Cait’s performance throughout the entire episode titled “Faith” should have absolutely got her nominated for best actress. Never have I cried harder from a TV show and I did during Faith.

  • TGC: This job came in because… they were shooting a special shoot for Game of Thrones, it’s not made of any footage from the actual show, they go out and shoot especially for the teaser. The director is a guy called Runar, who lives in Stockholm. He approached Trim, he’d wanted to work with a couple of us for a while. I then had to get on a couple of calls with HBO, then I flew to Stockholm and edited it there with a producer from HBO and the director. [The editing] was more about the tension and the mood of the piece. It was always going to be these certain lines happening in a certain order, so it was more about juggling them and building the mood rather than poring through 20 hours of footage trying to find what it was.

    In a season where the female characters are all prominently rising to power, the claim of misogyny has never been more dubious for Game of Thrones.
    And how many men been raped and brutalized in Outlander in just two seasons?

  • A series of novellas set in the same world as Game of Thrones, Martin's Dunk & Egg stories take place 90 years before "the time of characters like Tyrion, Daenerys, and Arya."

Here is the first volume in George R