V Max Radio Controlled Helicopter

Buy 4pcs Main Blade Propeller Props for 9978 RC Radio Control Helicopter Aircraft at a great price.

Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Radio Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro - Green (Discontinued by manufacturer)

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  • Below is a video of one of our most popular Radio controlled helicopter which is the . To View the full list of the videos we have of our Remote Control Toys visit our .

    Radio Control Helicopters can be flown in indoor and outdoor environments. Why not try one with a 4 Channel transmitter, so you can have a more fine-tuned control and movement over your Radio Control Helicopter. With a multitude of styles and options to choose from, we're sure we have something that will take your fancy. We even have that have built in search lights and can display personalized messages! We carry a huge variety of colors and options, all ready to be shipped. With our 45 day true warranty you can shop with confidence.

  • Welcome to our RC Helicopters page, this page contains all of our radio controlled helicopters, which need very little explanation. They really are great fun and afternoons can be lost trying to land them on your grandad's head while he is asleep in his arm chair! (QI Remote Control toys would like to state that we have never done this and neither would we recommend trying it either!)

    If you are thinking about buying a Radio Control Helicopter, then you've found the right place! Radio Control Helicopters make to be a very stimulating and exciting hobby. Most Radio Control Helicopters come Ready To Fly (RTF) right out of the box. But for you hobbyists who enjoy building and modifying RC Helicopters as much as flying them, we got kits for you well. Don't forget to pickup some replacement parts with your order. Better safe than sorry! If Helicopters aren't your thing, we also carry a line of , , and . With our 45 day true warranty you can shop with confidence.

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    RC helicopters are perhaps man’s most fascinating aerial invention. Many enthusiasts regard the RC helicopter as the pinnacle of the hobby, the niche that true technical aficionados and skilled RC experts gravitate toward. A matter of opinion…but not without a grain of truth to it. While others may personally enjoy RC car drifting or RC truck and buggy bashing more, there is no denying the difficulty and simple “cool” factor of a skilled remote control helicopter pilot doing his or her thing in the air. With the ability to hover, turn upside down, and fly backwards, RC helicopters push the physical limits of what remote control technology can do. Get started with one of our radio controlled helicopters today and you can be earning your wings, or rotors in this case, in no time!

  • Our Radio Controlled Helicopters come in a variety of different styles, sizes and colours but each one is of the highest quality and is sure to keep the recipient entertained for years. Go on there is no excuse, get one of our radio controlled helicopters today.

Gaui X4 Combo Radio controlled helicopter | Gaui X4 FES Combo

Flying a Radio Controlled Helicopter is a wonderful hobby, there are many different models to choose from, with something for everyone. Enjoy your flight.