• The Riptide rocket comes in at 457mm long

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Estes 1403 Riptide Launch Set

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  • The Pipeline Plunge and Tidal Twister is located just beside the Riptide Rocket – but go for the Riptide Rocket first as that is the most popular ride here at Adventure Cove Waterpark and you can expect quite long waiting times.

    This is what the Riptide Rocket, Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster, looks like from the top – do note that you are seeing a portion of the Riptide Rocket – there are some very scary drops that are not quite obvious from the picture below.

  • If you are doing a and is planning to check out Adventure Cove Waterpark, then you are in luck as Equarius Hotel guests get to enter the Adventure Cove Waterpark through the ACW backgate! There is no early admission though – you will also enter the Waterpark at its opening time at 10am but you will enter from the least crowded part of the Waterpark – go straight to Riptide Rocket; skip the Rainbow Reef (the first ACW attraction you see) and go straight into the park.

    Riptide Rocket features Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic water coaster. Unlike other water rides, this ride doesn’t just go down. On the ride, you will experience climbs, drops, twists and turns. This is the most scary ride in Adventure Cove Waterpark (ACW) – if you want to experience what a roller coaster on water is like, Riptide Rocket is the ride to take! Just hang on tight!

    Riptide Model Rocket Launch Set
    Currently Unavailable

  • Specifications
    Age group 10+ (Adult supervision required for under 12’s)
    Set includes 1 x Riptide rocket
    1 x Astron II launch controller
    1 x Astron II launch pad
    1 x Parachute
    Maximum altitude 198 metres
    Fuel type Solid
    Built in parachute? Yes - 305 mm
    Material Plastic
    Assembly required No
    Compatible with other kits? A range of motors are compatible
    Dimensions 34 mm x 34 mm x 457 mm
    Weight 75 g

    If you stick with my tip number 1, you don’t quite need an Adventure Express – a pass that allows pass-holders to go direct for the priority queue and skip the long normal queues. The Adventure Cove Waterpark Adventure Express is only valid for Rainbow Reef and Riptide Rocket only. It is valid for one (1) admission for each attraction.

especially the Riptide Rocket because of the long queues

Riptide Rockets is a body speed slide that allows single riders the excitement of riding down an open flume, then splashing down into the catch pool below.