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NFL New Orleans Saints Riddell Full Size Replica Speed Helmet, Medium, Gold

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  • In 1969 Saints owner John Mecom Jr. Wanted a new look for his team's thirdNFL season. Since their inception, the Saints had worn beautiful gold numeralson white or black jerseys, gold pants and gold helmets with a black fleurde lis symbol on each side. But they were about to make the most controversialand short-lived uniform change in their history. For the 1969 pre-season,Mecom sent his troops out wearing black helmets with a gold fleur de lison each side. It was a mistake. To begin with, Mecom had failed to registerthe black helmets with NFL office. The league's entire line of merchandiserepresented the Saints with gold helmets, so the league wouldn't licensethe black helmets. Faced with pressure from the league office, and poor fanresponse, Mecom quickly decided to scrub the idea. He found himself witha locker room full of black Saints helmets. At the time, the NFL was stilloperating a type of farm system as feeders for NFL clubs. The Saints' farmteam was the Richmond Roadrunners, coached by J.D. Roberts, who in 1970'swould replace Tom Fears, becoming the Saints' second head coach. Mecom shippedthe entire batch of black helmets to Richmond, and the Saints were back intheir familiar gold helmets for the 1969 opener against Washington.

    Hey you! If you're looking for the right New Orleans Saints gift, Fathead has the perfect wall art present that is better than any old poster or sticker. Our New Orleans Saints Helmet Fathead Wall Decal is perfect for a birthday, graduation, holidays or just because. This gift is one that any New Orleans Saints fan will always remember.

  • New Orleans Saints Helmet Style Fan Mask looks just like the real thing, but is easier to wear. This Saints mask includes many features that give it an authentic feel including metallic paint where applicable, a visor just like the players wear, and more. Features an elastic strap for a secure, comfortable fit.

    This New Orleans Saints helmet logo has been worn on the field since 2000-Current. The Speed helmet style debuted in 2010. Every New Orleans Saints helmet is officially licensed by the NFL. Each New Orleans Saints Speed helmet features a very distinctive, aggressive shell design, large size shell, special order facemask and four point chin-strap. All Speed helmets, including this New Orleans Saints helmet, come with official team colors and decals.

  • The New Orleans Saints offer this awesome fan wave of the New Orleans Saints famous Helmet. Place it on a mirror or your windshield or anywhere that would let everyone see that you are a huge fan of the New Orleans Saints.

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The left side of Williams helmet hits the right side of the saints players helmet. It wasn’t the crown but that wasn’t my point. If you hit an offensive player in the head they are going to call it a penalty. I guarentee if Williams wrapped up , even if his helmet made contact that it would not have been a penalty. It always looks way worse when you come in with your arms at your side and hit a guy in the head with your shoulder and or helmet.