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Saints Row 2 - Xbox 360

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  • To sum up, we really enjoyed our time with the Saints Row 2 multiplayer. We found the constant switching of objectives and gameplay styles kept things fresh, and many of the matches we had were closely fought and exhilarating games. It remains to be seen whether the variety of Strong Arm makes up for the relative lack of other online modes, but this is a vast improvement over the frankly boring multiplayer of the first Saints Row. We’ll have to wait another few weeks to find out if Saints Row 2 has staying-power, but the signs are positive thus far.

    This odd hang-up of mine renders the process of playing Saints Row 2 multiplayer a vaguely discomfiting experience. It's gangland mayhem on-screen, but a glance to my left or right confirms that my gangster allies and rivals are a group of pasty-white European journalists.

  • We have a bunch of badges to award people for the way they play Strongarm, so they can further expand their identity through that with the customization because they can choose which earned badge that they want to display in a match. When a pre-game load screen comes up, someone can see, "Oh that guy's Trigger-Happy, he's going to shoot all over the place." Or "That guy's a Brain Surgeon, and there's a sniper rifle on this map, too." This is bad. You don't want to have a sniper rifle on a map with someone who's known as a Brain Surgeon because chances are, your brain's going to be everywhere on the map. The badge system, especially the performance badge system, will be a very successful new element for our Saints Row 2 multiplayer.

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