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  • If the time comes when your sandbox sand becomes too wet or too dirty, remove it and replace it with new play sand. When purchasing new sand, be sure to check that the bags do not show signs of moisture or leakage. Replacing sand on a hot, sunny day works best, as any moisture present in the new sand will dry out quickly. With a little routine care and attention to a sandbox, you could easily go a year without replacing the sand, and your child will have hours and hours of fun to show for it.

    Despite the , when you can't afford to replace the play sand you already have with silica-free sandbox sand right away, it can still be made safer by keeping materials damp and minimizing the dust. Just remember to keep your sandbox covered when your kiddos aren't at play; cats and other outdoor critters may see this play space as a litter box and expose your children to toxoplasmosis, a parasite contained in cat feces.

  • The most important — and easiest — way to shield your little ones from toxic sandbox sand is to opt for safe sandbox sand or other play sand alternative. "A safe sandbox is all about sand not containing health hazards such as microcrystalline silica," explains Cicone. "Silica-free sand contains no known hazardous substances," making it a safe sandbox option for your child to dive in and get dirty with.

    As any parent can attest, sandbox sand is dusty and dirty. Unfortunately, "as children play, sand becomes airborne and inhaled," explains Nick Cicone, of . When these tiny particles of silica lurking in sandbox sand enter your youngster's lungs, the results can equal serious health hazards for your little one.


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    The combination of design and materials make our sandboxes attractive, durable and safe. When the time comes to introduce your child to sand play, look no further than a SandLock Sandbox -- America's SandBox Company. We offer a complete line of sandboxes to create the perfect sand play environment.

    Our sandboxes are made with all
    Recyclable HDPE Plastic!

  • SandLock Sandboxes are made from all Commercial grade HDPE( High Density Polyethylene) plastic. This material is UV stabilized and has a soft textured surface. It is used regularly in the playground industry because of its longevity, durability, safety and appearance.

    When purchasing a bag of sandbox sand, you may just be exposing your kiddo to toxic ingredients, namely microcrystalline silica. Commonly, playground sand is made from quartz rock, which is why many of these bags-o-fun are slapped with a label warning of the health hazard contained within. But, how does a romp in play sand come with serious health consequences for your youngster?

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