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60 Gel Pen Set, Colors - Metallic, Glitter, Neon, Pastel, Basic, Office Stationery Back to School Art Supplies, Coloring Pens Children Toys, Adult Coloring Book Pens Packs Drawing, Sketching, Gel Pens

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  • The last few years, when I go shopping school supplies for the kids, I’ve also noticed a strange brand of stationery next to the Justin Bieber and Hello Kitty stationeris. It’s pink, shiny and glimmery and has a picture of a bunny. No it’s not Bugs Bunny and not the Easter bunny, its the PlayBoy Bunny. PlayBoy is actively marketing school supplies for teenage girls. Great, now the kids can go to school with a pet of the month banner.

    Walmart has so many cool school supplies for girls like brightly coloured notebooks, folders, interior design pieces for your locker, lipstick pens that you can guarantee the boys won’t try to steal and more.

  • It's nearing September and it's that time again to raid the shops and buy lots of cute back to school supplies for your girls. But what to buy? And what to avoid? Do you follow the latest trends or do you go for the more boring but sturdy items? This article will give you some useful tips on buying cute school supplies for girls.

    There's no shortage of cool school supplies for girls. Top designers and trends have trickled down from their fashion roots and have carried merchandise into the stationary, backpack and school supply world. Whether you're a parent of discriminating taste or if you're a teen heading back to school and want to dress to impress, the following cool school supplies for girls are sure to turn heads.

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