"We'll have the great ShareBear delivery then," said Woody.

Lynn and Woody Grabenbauer will unite Ayla and her (new)ShareBear at Christmas when they meet Kellie and the three girls inMason City, Iowa.

Sharebear Sippy Cup, 12 oz, 4 Pack

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  • Sharebear Playschool will be opening two weeks later on Sept. 28, instead of the earlier announced date of Sept. 14 because of construction delays and incompletion of acquisition of permits.

    “Sharebear board and staff have been communicating on a regular basis and on Friday, Sept. 4, we met with the individuals and agencies involved to make a decision on the opening date,” said Lynne Potter, teacher at the playschool. “It was then decided we would push back open house to Sept. 28 because we wanted to ensure we had enough time to finish renovations, and have all necessary inspections completed before opening doors.”

  • • Scotten Elementary School, Grass Valley. Clinic from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 3, covering children from: The Country Preschool; Little Creek Nursery; Our Kids' Place; Silver Springs High School; Sharebear's Early Learning Center; Sierra College Child Development Center; Nora's Play School; Tall Pines Nursery School; Scotten Elementary School; Hennessy School; Lyman Gilmore; Yuba River Charter School; Nevada City School of the Arts; Mt. Saint Mary's Academy; Clear Creek School.

    With a social-media savvy community, Sharebear Playschool has already posted a Facebook update informing parents of the delay on Saturday, Sept. 5, but will ensure that they get in touch with those parents, who have not responded to the update.

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  • “My mother had chosen Sharebear for my sibling and I 25 years ago,” said MacDonell. “I am very excited that my child gets to go to the same playschool I did.”

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