Shark exhibit at SeaWorld San Diego

new $157M shark exhibit on Friday - NY Daily News

Goal: Cancel upcoming shark encounter exhibit that subjects sharks to a chaotic, unnatural environment.

Thomas the Train: Take -n-Play Shark Exhibit

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  • Generating onscreen images of sharks and creating the illusion that they are swimming with real fish in an aquarium has to be the ultimate AV challenge. Digital signage media player company BrightSign and Dubai-based system integrator DigiComm achieved just that with the completion of the new Shark Week exhibit at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

    is proud to present its Hammerhead Shark Exhibit opening tomorrow, July 15th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The 8 1/2 foot hammerhead shark mount is housed in a “shark tank” visible from the road.

  • There will be over 20 sharks in Odysea's shark exhibit. One unique element about the shark tank is the glass is connected to the public bathrooms. So as you're washing your hands, you'll be able to watch the sharks swim by. Don't worry, the sharks cannot see you; only you can see them.

    In addition to its exotic coral reef, “Lost City of Atlantis” shark exhibit, puffer fish and flounder and sea horses, the aquarium offers hands-on experiences such as Ray Bay, where visitors can touch and feed stingrays as they float past. There is also a touch tank where young guests can be introduced to horseshoe and hermit crabs, along with other sea life. Inside the aquarium’s exhibition center, you’ll also find butterflies, bugs and birds. At the bird exhibit, you can purchase seeds to feed the different breeds, which include colorful parrots and parakeets.

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    Aquarium 2010 - Temporary shark exhibit

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    Sharks/The Coral Reef - Shark Exhibit

    For details, see my review Review of SeaWorld San Antonio

    Looking through a viewing window into the large shark exhibit, guests will be able to come nose-to-nose with , , and sharks. Daily presentations and feedings will showcase the power and beauty of these remarkable predators. Bamboo and sharks glide around the three shallow touch pools, where guests can reach in and touch these gentle and graceful animals.

Sharks/The Coral Reef - Shark Exhibit » SeaWorld San Antonio Gallery

I must strongly urge you and your board of directors to cancel the upcoming Haai Shark Encounter exhibit at the Kern County Fair. Despite its educational intentions, Haai Inc. subjects its sharks to completely unnatural and stressful environments. After being transported from an aquarium–an already stressful ordeal–the sharks must then endure the noise and clamor of an excited audience, plus the pulling and poking of the diver. This treatment is possibly detrimental to the sharks’ health and should not be encouraged.