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Pack Contains: • 1 x Shut the Box Board • 2 x Dice • Game Rules

Circa Shut-the-Box

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  • The premise is the same for Shut The Box but gameplay is extended by adding three rows of numbers layered over each other. Each row alternates direction, left to right and vise versa, and forces players to eliminate numbers from the uppermost layers before allowing access to numbers below. This does add a twist to the original board game and a tad bit more interesting gameplay to what could have been a rather boring game. It is a little challenging to eliminate all of three rows of numbers but is more based on luck than skill.

    Shut The Box from developer, RCMADIAX, is a nice little Wii U eShop title but not as fun as previous releases from the indie. Shut The Box is a simple game based off of the ‘board game’. Typically this game is played in real life with a wooden box that has numbers one through nine. As players roll dice to eliminate the numbers until all of the numbers have been covered.

  • The 'Eclipse' mini Shut the Box is a compact travel version for when you are on the move. Made from re-forested hardwood, this is one of the best traditional bar games ever made.

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    Circa Shut the Box
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Front Porch Classics Circa Shut the Box

SHUT THE BOX is an exciting game of chance and luck. In this title, you must roll the dice and select the number of tiles that correspond with what you have just rolled. You may choose to select one or more tiles in order to gain the desired number. The goal of the game is to eliminate all the tiles and score a perfect game. Give it a try today and see how high you can score!