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KING DO WAY pecial Beginners Practice Acoustic Small Guitar with Guitar Pick

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  • I highly recommend this guitar for any level of player. I have played for almost 40 years and have owned Gibson and Martin. And while I don't say that this guitar is in the same class as those guitars, it will surprise you how good the sound is and how high the quality is.
    The Loar LH - 200 guitar is a nice acoustic but as far as features, it is a basic guitar. Nothing special or unique as far as features BUT the tuners work well and hold the guitar in tune. Pins hold the strings well.
    This is actually the second Loar that I had ordered from Musicians Friend. The first came and there was some manufacturing errors on the binding around the 5th through 9 fret area. Also the action was not great. I returned it for another one with no manufacturing defects and the action much better than the last one.
    Anyway the second guitar I received was in perfect condition. These guitars are made in China and I amd amazed how high the quality is. The sunburst is awesome and there are no flaws that I can find.

    As far as tone and sound go, this is a small bodied guitar and you are not going to get a lot of bass out of something so small. I purchased this for a blues guitar reminiscent of the 20's and 30's and it fits the bill perfectly.
    For the amount of money and the quality of the instument and the wonderful tone that it produces, you can't go wrong.

    Add to that the outstanding service and the guarantee that Musicians Friend gives and you really can't go wrong.

    There's also a small shop area, where the store's luthier, Brad Lehmann, fixed Chris LeFever's Parker P36, a small electric guitar covered with blue synthetic alligator skin.

  • Certainly you know that Waukesha is known as Guitar Town. It’s the hometown of Les Paul, the internationally know guitarist, songwriter, inventor and pioneer of the solid-body electric guitar. Les was born raised and is now buried in Waukesha. But have you done the tour of the ten large and seventeen small guitar sculptures all over the city? They are all completely different and every one of them a work of art. What a fitting tribute to Waukesha’s favorite son who contributed so much.

    this guitar was purchased for an 8 year old interested in learning how to play,its the perfect size for a kid and has a good playing neck and the tone is very good for a small body guitar at its price.

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    Re: Building a Chambered LP

    Originally Posted by FLICKOFLASH
    like ?
    Is that your 'lil '59er Flick? Mine will be similar, but will "correct" something that always bugs me about those smaller scale guitars...the body shape. I have a little collection of the small, 3/4 size LP knockoffs (none as nice as the one you show), and every one has a body with a shape that's not quite right. Here is what mine will look like, although it will be a flametop:


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    I really like "smallish" guitars myself. I have four "X12's" (have owned others), one of those great little Gretsch Way-out-West models (which is quite LOUD - really), and several small bodied electrics ~

    Here's to small guitars!


    Figueiredo was born in Franca, Brazil, in 1980. At age 4 he used to strike poses carrying his small guitar. At 6, he received a mandolin, which was kept in a very special place in his house. Diego played many instruments before choosing the electric guitar when he was 12. By age 15, he was playing theaters and clubs throughout Brazil, playing both solo and with many renowned Brazilian musicians, the release said.

Small Acoustic Guitars for Girls

The ellis OOO small body guitar is one of the standard models in the ellis guitars’ range. It is a combination of solid Mastergrade Sitka Spruce and solid East Indian Rosewood. Both of these woods are renowned for acoustic and sound-producing qualities. The ellis OOO small body guitar also features a Solid Ebony Fingerboard and Bridge. It has Gotoh Chrome Tuners, solid Bone Nut and Saddle and the slotted headstock. The advantage of a slotted head stock is that it provides more downward pressure over the nut. The overall result is a simple and beautiful traditional OOO instrument.