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  • Kids will get a kick out of dressing as a Smurf for Halloween. They will also enjoy having some of these Smurf Halloween costumes on had for dress-up play at home, anytime they desire. There’s something here for everyone, from babies to older children!

    Smurf Costume Ideas for Halloween

    Here are some great ideas for a smurf costume for men, women and children for Halloween this year.

    There's Adult Smurf and Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Baby Smurf, Gargamelle with plush cat, smurf hats, smurf shoes, smurf mittens and blue smurf makeup to complete your Smurf Halloween Costume.

  • The Smurfs have been loved by a couple of generations of kids now and their popularity just doesn’t seem to fade. They are funny, cute and tons of fun ~ and so are Smurfs Halloween costumes!

    Buy it Now Blue Body Paint. Where do I get it?

    Smurf colored blue body paint or latex will perfect your Smurf Halloween costume. Although a blue t-shirt or turtleneck may be "acceptable" for making you look smurfy, nothing really beats actually turning your skin blue. Many types and brands of body paint and latex exist, and it's important to get a brand that is non-toxic and relatively easy to remove.

    What body paint or latex should I use to make a Smurf costume?

    Blue Liquid Body Latex from BuyCostumes is amazing. Liquid latex is non-toxic and simply peels right off when you're finished with it. Remember to buy enough latex to cover all areas of visible skin. The same store also sells a very unique glow-in-the-dark blue hair gel that will give you a cool Smurf look that is guaranteed to make people stop and notice - plus it washes off in soap and water! Buy the glow in the dark blue hair dye by clicking here.

    If you're interested in traditional body paint / body make-up, blue body paint is just what you're looking for. Comes with two shades of blue and pink for accent. This is a quality product that is non-toxic and easy to remove. Buy "Smurf blue" body paint by clicking here.
    Want the best price on Smurf body paint and latex? Graftobian to the rescue! Graftobian makes a variety of blue body / face paint, blue latex, and professional theater makeup - check out their makeup section by clicking here. You should also peruse the Halloween sections of your local store, or even dollar / discount stores for Halloween makeup! Helpful hints: powder-type body paint won't work. Remember to get a grease based paint - and make sure you have baby oil or petroleum jelly on hand to remove it later! Graftobian makes a professional make-up remover you can buy here.

    ... see examples of people wearing blue body paint and blue latex.

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