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  • Becasue who doesn’t want a dancing Snoopy toy right! I’m so excited about a new movie coming out – I know my daughter will love it (and mom too!)

    You are probably already scouring the internet searching for a Dancing Snoopy for your kids right about now. And, we have great news! We have another Dancing Snoopy toy that we will be giving away free to a random winner, make sure you enter in to the drawing below to be eligible for the giveaway. Also, if you are one of the Peanuts fans that will be racing to Target on August 1st to purchase a Dancing Snoopy (suggested retail price $29.99), join in the fun and make your own Dancing Snoopy video! I promise you it will be impossible for kids, adults, and even pets to not dance along with Snoopy!

  • When we received our Dancing Snoopy, I had every intention of leaving it in the box and giving it to my granddaughter for her birthday – however I was like a giddy schoolchild on Christmas morning and I decided to open it up very carefully and just “test it out,” and then I planned on putting it back in the box and resealing it. That never happened…because as soon as I took Snoopy out of the package and set him on the table and turned him on, he began doing his happy dance – and I fell in love. There was no way I could wait until her birthday, I was way too eager to see her face light up when I gave her the Snoopy toy. As predicted, she was smitten with Dancing Snoopy, and I have no qualms about giving her the gift early because I absolutely adore watching her sing and dance along with him every day! She even sits on the couch with her Snoopy toy after they get tuckered out from singing and dancing and they watch the Peanuts cartoons together. So cute!

    an official Peanuts line of toys and memorabilia, featuring all of our favorite Peanuts characters, especially Snoopy! In honor of “The Peanuts Movie,” Target will be unveiling their dancing Snoopy toy on August 1st – and it is a must-have toy and collector’s piece for every Peanuts fan, young and old alike. The adorable Dancing Snoopy does the character’s iconic happy dance and plays music so that you can dance along with him! Have you ever tried to do the Snoopy Dance? What a work-out! Check out my dance with Snoopy below!

  • Squeeze this cuddly 18cm plush Snoopy beanie toy and hear the famous Peanuts theme tune! A perfect gift for old fans and new fans!

    Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.

This listing is for a Snoopy toy amigurumi photo prop crochet pattern

The Peanuts Happy Dance Snoopy plush toy from Just Play is a hot holiday toy this year. The launch of the toy coincides with the release of , which has proven popular in theaters.