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  • I'll admit it. When I first heard of "Sonic Riders" I was skeptical, largely because SonicTeam's track record, as of late, has been spotty. "Sonic R" was a briefly entertaining ride (crafted by "Traveller's Tales"), but ...

    Sonic Riders: Unlimited has been claimed to comeback for a Sonic Game by IGN them giving a 8.9/10 saying Gametrailers gave 7.7/10 and Screwattack gave them 7/10 for giving the best visual effects with the characters, gameplay and especially in the CG movies scenes. Classic Game Room gives the game 9/10 for bringing back the classic Sonic Riders and mixing it along with Zero Gravity while giving the music space elements for racing and the soundtrack and not using using the kinect as the controls. Toonami gives the game an 8.7/10 for stunning gaming visual effects, excellent choice for music composer while using new voices for the game but suffers due to lack of SEGA characters as only a few return to the game. Gameinformer gave the game an 8.8/10 for bringing a new online mode to the game having players able to race online with other players and for giving Sonic games first customization system. Gametrailers gave the game a 7.7/10 due to not having the classic Sega characters as unlockables and how much rings you have to spend on one board or any other gear. Eurogamer gives the game a 9.1/10 for stunning visual effects, amazing sfx, great soundtrack, good gameplay and says "Pendulum was the best choice for an epic space racing game".

  • Sonic Riders is a multiplatform racing game involving flying skateboards. The game introduces 3 new friends, the Babylon Rouges, to the Sonic universe. This game has many highs and lows, but which outweighs which? The...

    Sonic, hes the fastest thing alive!! Sooooo...why does he need a hoverboard, huh? Seriously!? Sonic Riders, released in 2006, the same year that the notorious Sonic 06 was released. We got a Sonic game, we haven't ha...

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    Well, my meaning on Sonic Riders is pretty hard to describe because overall: - The idea is fun, finally a little change. - Fair enough selection of characters, racing tracks... - Graphics did'nt bug me at all. Thou...

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity commerical

The control issues extend much further than lateral movements. Every element of this gesture-based system is fraught with issues, which means you're rarely able to get into a groove. The biggest problem is that there's a delay between your real-life movements and the in-game representations. For instance, you have to jump well in advance to initiate a soaring leap on time or punch a good distance before the rock blocking your way to have any chance of destroying it. Because of this, it's possible to come to grips with the controls once you memorize the course layouts. After you know well in advance that you have to duck to get under a low barrier, you can make sure you crouch a second or two beforehand so you safely make it past. This means that Sonic Free Riders does become more exciting once you spend a few hours learning the weaknesses of the control scheme and the intricacies of the tracks, but that's no excuse for lousy controls. Furthermore, because that delay always exists, you're never able to overcome obstacles that require sharp reflexes. This is especially noticeable when you have to avoid weapons. Your character takes far too long to move laterally, so you can only brace yourself for impact when an ink blot is in your path, because there's no way you can swerve around it.