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Court battle: A ban on importing Sony PlayStation 3 consoles into Europe has been lifted

PlayStation 3 500 GB System

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  • To the casual observer, there's nothing particularly slim about the Sony PlayStation 3's ($249 list) sleek black housing. It's only when you compare it with its half-decade-old-old counterpart, the , that you see how much smaller it is. The original PS3 retailed for $600 when it launched in 2006, but now $249 will get you a game system with a 160 GB hard drive and a great Blu-ray player, at the expense of backwards compatibility and the ability to install a different OS onto the system.

    I’d been thinking of ordering a Sony Playstation 3 for some time. I read loads of reviews and this one was quite useful , I received my package last month and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure-

  • Having debuted back in 2006, before the advent of the smartphone and before tablets became popular, the Sony PlayStation 3 isn't new. After more than a decade on the market, the PlayStation 3 may not offer the glitzy graphics and cutting edge features of current-generation systems, but it’s still a great option if you’re on a budget. The long-lived can be purchased new or used, boasts a giant selection of games, and has many of the same media and entertainment features as newer systems. If sheer entertainment is your goal, the Sony PlayStation 3 is an affordable and compelling choice.

    While many folks opt for newer systems, there’s still a lot to recommend the Sony PlayStation 3. The console itself is far more affordable than current-generation consoles, and with years to mature, the PS3 boasts a giant catalogue of games, most of which can be purchased for reduced prices. Most of the media and entertainment options available to newer systems are also available for the PlayStation 3, making it a well-rounded alternative to the latest and greatest systems on the market.

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    In Europe, the PS3 will, for the time being, be supplied only with a 60GB hard disk. The hard disk serves as storage; this way you can transfer all your own files to the hard disk in the PS3, by means of, for instance, the USB interface. Besides this, the storage can also be used to store contents, which have been downloaded through the Sony Network. The Sony PlayStation 3 is truly a multi media console.

Sony Playstation 3 Emulator for PC & MAC That WORKS

For a while now, there has been a true hype around the new Sony console. Of course caused by Sony, but also, not lastly, by the consumer himself. And honestly I have to admit that it is not just nonsense. We are speaking of a, in technical terms, very high-class device for which very large investments have been made. Besides this, the PlayStation3 has been developed for the coming decennium, and the possibilities that the PS3 shows us now are not representative for what the console actually has to offer. Follow the link below to read the full Sony PlayStation 3 review.