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Product Description SpongeBob backpack features SpongeBob making his silly face - new movie art
Sponge Bob Large 16" Backpack
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Place your essentials inside this action packed 16

Spongebob 15" Backpack with Lunch Bag

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  • New! - Children can take a silly adventure with Spongebob SquarePants and friends with this fun and colorful personalized SpongeBob backpack. Measuring 14" W x 17" H x 6-1/2", a nice size for school or play time. For comfort it has adjustable padded shoulder straps. Features include plenty of storage with front pocket with zipper closure, two side pockets and more. Blue.

    On March 3, the boy's father carried him into his Woodside, Queens home, leaving a SpongeBob backpack, a Spider-Man hat, a helmet and an iPad on the front lawn. When the father returned, they were gone, according to the New York City Police Department.

  • Spongebob plush backpack Yet if you want to buy homewares, it is best to buy unique gifts for them in this category. Or a holiday coupon which you can send on a long journey together.�These gifts always bring old memories often.

    For example: He doesn't like beer. ("Beer is nasty.") He travels with a tiny SpongeBob backpack. He is very enthusiastic about his favorite sex move, which is, well, . ("You gotta write that one! That was great.") And apparently, Rob Gronkowski is very allergic to T-shirts. Like, wearing a T-shirt could literally destroy him. Gronk must do everything in his power to not be wearing a shirt whenever possible.

  • Investigators came in contact with the men on April 5. One of them had a SpongeBob SquarePants backpack with a PlayStation 3 and several games in it, according to police.

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SpongeBob is the unofficial mascot of the operation, said his wife, Barbara Wynns. The team wore SpongeBob T-shirts, Wynns carried a SpongeBob backpack, and the door to the beachside hotel room they're operating out of now sports a SpongeBob decal.