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  • In late January, some of the long-missing Star Wars classics of the LucasArts library . For the first time, TIE Fighter and X-Wing and Rogue Squadron and more were available as digital downloads. Some of them are the best Star Wars games ever made. A few of them are some of the best games ever, period.

    With Star Wars buzzing on the brain, the PC Gamer crew assembled a list of our favorite Star Wars games: the ones that made us believe we were Jedi, ace pilots shooting down the Death Star trench, pod racers rocketing over the surface of Tattooine. These are the 11 best Star Wars games on PC (we had a couple ties).

  • The Star Wars adventures on consoles occasionally captured the magic of Lucas’ universe, but Star Wars has always been at its best on PC. The Jedi Knight series pioneered lightsaber combat and brought the Star Wars Expanded Universe to games. TIE Fighter was a landmark space sim. While licensed video games have always gotten a bad rap, the Star Wars games on PC were breaking new ground in gameplay and storytelling.

    Jedi Knight 2's lightsaber mechanics are important not only to the history of Star Wars games, but to multiplayer gaming on the PC in general. This was the game that established a passionate, competitive community dedicated to the concept of the one-on-one melee duel. Jedi Academy expanded and improved many of these ideas, but Jedi Outcast was there first. Without it, gaming would be much poorer—Blade Symphony wouldn’t exist, for one thing.

  • This was the first game to make duels feel like duels—acrobatic contests between two skilled combatants using deadly weapons. Most Star Wars games still get this wrong, treating sabers like regular swords. Jedi Knight 2 made the weapon in your hand feel hot, lethal, precarious. Each contest with Dasaan's dark Jedi was imbued with a sense of danger.


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