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Gila Static Cling 20% VLT Automotive Window Tint

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  • TAG : SOLYX: SX-SC005 Dark Tint, Black - 5%
  • If you’d rather be looking in your rearview mirror at a DIY
    project than in the middle of it, Gila Static Cling window tint was made for you.
    It’s an adhesive-free, slightly thicker window tint film that uses the science
    of static cling to stay in place. Gila Static Cling and Static Cling Plus are
    both easy to work with, reusable and quickly removable. Static Cling products
    compare to our Basic Tint products, while Static Cling Plus products have some
    nice upgrades that make them a close match to Heat Shield Plus products.

    the price varies drastically depending on where you live though, Where I am, it's 250, and I went to like, 3 other places, all 250. I used the static cling window tint when I had my civic. the sides are easy, but the back is a pain cuz of the angle.

  • Despite the pros, however, there are a couple of cons to static cling window tint as well. Compared to traditional , the static cling film is much less transparent. For this reason, if you are looking to keep a clear view of the outside, you will be better off staying away from static cling window film.

    Mike - I just did the static cling window tint on the Back 4 windows on my G35 and it turned out great. I took a poster board and made shape/size templates (one front & one back) from the outside and then cut the film based in the template. That allowed me to cut it with a straight edge on a table. Only a little trimming was required in the field. I also cut the film to leave a 1/8 to 1/4 inch gap all around the window instead of trying to make everything tight and that worked well and looks good. The next time I do it I think I will try a squirt bottle instead of a sprayer ... Seems like the sprayer created a lot of bubbles you have to deal with. Also another tip I would put out there is to be generous in using the liquid solution. I figured out after a little while that more solution makes it easier. I will probably only leave the tint on for the summer and then re-tint again next year. Now that I have the size/shape templates, doing it again will be a snap.

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