The typical methods for storing homemade baby food include:

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  • Once we’ve made several baby food concoctions, we can keep them in our fridge for 1-3 days depending on the mixture. (Bananas and avocados don’t last long!) Because of this short timeline, I think the best way to store baby food is to freeze it. Use ice cube trays, little plastic baggies, or my favorite, the to store single servings of baby food. This makes preparing a serving for baby very easy. Just pop out single portion, heat up to room temperature, and serve. By freezing, we can make bulk quantities, saving time and energy, and yet ensure that baby gets nutritious, homemade baby food every time.

    Storing baby food safely is key in preventing food poisoning and also good way to ensure that food keeps it's quality before and after it is cooked.

  • Storing baby food should be done correctly to avoid food poisoning. Foods to be frozen or stored in the refrigerator should be put in good quality baby food storage containers ( with good lids) or freezer bags. Individual freezer bags or baby food pots must be labeled before storing to make it easy for you to remember what the food is ("is this pea puree or green beans puree?") and when you actually made it. Once frozen, the baby food can keep in the freezer for up 1 month and up to 8 weeks in a deep freezer.

    There are so many products out there geared towards making the process of making and storing homemade baby food easier. For instance, the Beaba Babycook will stream, blend, warm and even defrost frozen purees. It's a small countertop unit with a two and a half cup bowl. It essentially takes the whole process of making baby food and scales it down into an ultra-easy, handsfree project. But that ease comes with a big pricetag: $149.99. For a unit that will only be used to make baby food for a few months, that doesn't seem like the best use of money.

  • Once the baby food is made, you will need something to store the baby food in. Small plastic containers are one option, such as the GladWare Mini Round containers that hold one-half cup of food each. These are safe for the refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and even microwave. And they travel well.

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Once you have made your recipes you will need to properly store them so that it stays fresh. There are several different ways for storing homemade baby food. If you are putting it in the refrigerator it will be good for 48-72 hours, so make sure you plan ahead and do not put too much into the refrigerator to avoid bacteria. When freezing the baby food it can be in the freezer up to 3 months. Stocking your freezer with baby food will help alleviate the cost and on food.