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It's into the jungle with this stuffed gorilla. Measure 8 inches.

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Webkinz Western Lowland Gorilla
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Discover our great selection of quality and realistic looking stuffed gorillas

Wild Republic Cuddlekins Silverback Gorilla

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  • Using them as imaginary friends is usual for a young kid and they are able to hold their secrets because these s cannot talk. Sharing their experience with other kids, the first toys they are likely to want to play with are the giant stuffed Lion Ad stuffed gorilla because they are boys. And boys will do boy things such as the war with the two greatest animals of all times. These two stuffed animal are looked up to by many boy.

    Both animals are greatly looked upon and many love them. But who best to love these animals than a young boy who could experience it for himself. Research shows that are good toys for young children especially boys. and what better animals to buy than the great Stuffed Gorilla and Stuffed Lion.

  • The stuffed Lion and Giant stuffed Gorilla are excellent toys and animals to believe in by a young boy and even sometimes girls may enjoy as well. Stuffed animals are fun, safe, enjoyable toys for many to play with and keep over years as a token of many childhood. They keep children sane and under control. The perfect toy could cause miracles. Gorillas are dominating animals and Lions are the best there is. They give boys something to look up and with their strong and tendency ways shows a young boy to have strength and stability.

    A stuffed gorilla greets The Angels in their living room when they return from their vacation. Gus decides to turn the tables on a gang of practical jokers by hiring a famed gorilla impersonator.

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  • Our stuffed primates and plush primates allow us to do the one thing that we enjoy the most here at Stuffed Safari, monkey around! We love having hundreds of stuffed monkeys, plush gorillas, stuffed chimpanzees, and other stuffed plush primates just hanging around making us giggle. With all of the stuffed monkeys and stuffed gorillas filling our shelves you would think this place is a zoo! We offer a wonderful jumbo stuffed gorilla made by Aurora, runs by the name of Gunga, that is cooler than the other side of the pillow. Speaking of cool, we have so many different types of stuffed monkeys that we can't even begin to list them all here. Check out the stuffed monkeys page above to see all of our amazing and unique species of plush monkeys. When it comes to stuffed chimps we're no chumps. In fact, we believe we're the champs of chimps. Other stuffed primates that we offer include stuffed lemurs, stuffed tarsiers, plush bush babies, and plush orangutans, just to name a few. If you can't find the stuffed primate that you are after then give us a call and we'll help you sort through our virtual barrell full of monkeys to find just the right one. What could be more fun than that?!

    Next up in our selection of giant stuffed animals is this huge . Made again by Hansa this stuffed toy follows the same line of details and features like the buffalo above. Each stuffed gorilla has unique facial features. He is a little smaller than the buffalo – 67 x 52 x 26 inches and weighs a lot less – about 27 pounds. You can’t ride him like the buffalo though.

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Stuffed with Love, Big Pepe Cutie is the kind of Big stuffed gorilla that you take home to hug all day long!
He measures a huggable 41 inches from head to toes, the perfect large plush gorilla for everyone! When seated, he measures 31 1/2 inches. Big Pepe Cutie is THE stuffed gorilla to send for every occasion. His fluffy black fur is extra soft. His realistic features are so adorable! His plush gorilla feet have long stubby toes and Big Pepe’s fingers seam to touch the ground when he is seated!
Big Pepe Cutie gives awesome hugs because he has long gorilla stuffed animal arms made for hugging! We guarantee that you will go gorilla over Big Pepe Cutie!