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Sachet Skunk Flopsie - 12"

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  • Though the skunk is best known for its stinky spray, there's no reason to plug your nose at this odorless stuffed animal! This 12-inch stuffed skunk Cuddlekin is soft and snuggly, with a distinctive white stripe running from its nose, along its sides, to the tip of its bushy tail. You'll love cuddling with this cute skunk!

    Our plush toy skunks are made by various manufacturers. We only carry skunk stuffed toys that are quality made and safety tested. You can be sure that any skunk stuffed animal that you buy from us will be a quality product and provide lots of fun and cuddles. Click on each stuffed toy skunk picture to get a better look at each plush skunk and pick out your favorite today!

  • This small stuffed skunk is looking for a good home. She is absolutely adorable so we are sure there are tons of people who would love to have her join their plush animal family.
    Although she is a skunk she really doesn't stink. In fact her name is Sachet because she is so sweet. Skunks are very social animals and can be very good pets for people that fully understand them. People interested in this plush lil skunk will not need any special training or habitat to keep her happy. Like most plushies, she just needs hugs, love, and maybe a lap to sit in.

    Just visit Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals to find out how you can have this cutie sent right to your home.

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    You don't have to hold your nose on this page because our stuffed animal skunks are fresh as can be. Skunks are notorious for their strong odor that they spray when trying to keep predators away. But our plush toy skunks won't spray you because they will be happy to have found a new home where they can be loved and played with.

    The best thing about our skunk stuffed animals is that they don't have scent glands. Our stuffed skunks and plush skunks won't spray you with a lovely perfume if you sneak up on them during a game of hide and seek. The downside of that is that you can't use your stuffed skunk to fend off pesky siblings. Unless, of course, you can trick them into thinking that your plush skunk is ready to deliver a stinky dose of reality to anyone that bothers you. The thing about our stuffed skunks that really stinks is that they're so darn cute that I've begun approaching wild skunks and trying to pet them. Needless to say, real skunks aren't quite into cuddling the way our skunk stuffed animals are so I end up taking a lot of extra showers. From now on, it's stuffed skunks and plush skunks for me. Lesson learned. Scroll down to see all of our super cute and cuddly stuffed skunks and click on the photos to get more information on each one. Call us if you need any help picking up the scent of the perfect skunk stuffed animal. We're always glad to help sniff out the right one!

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    You don't have to plug your nose around this sweet skunk. Our 8-inch stuffed skunk is soft and cuddly - and completely odorless. With distinctive white stripes running from its nose, down its back, to the tip of its bushy tail, you can't miss adventure with this pal.

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