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Wild Republic 54" Plush Snake Anaconda

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  • TAG : Stuffed Rattlesnake from Tombstone, Arizona
  • The Raw stuffed snake is used for in the . It is made from stuffing a (obtained by killing a ) with a and . The player must then cook it into a on the snake-shaped rock below the .

    Burke has been infatuated with reptiles since he was little, and he has a special place in his heart for snakes- stuffed snakes, snake exhibits at the zoo, plastic snakes, snakes in our yard (thankfully there aren’t many of those, and the ones we have aren’t poisonous!).

  • He always points out these cute stuffed snakes at Land of Nod and Ferm as a Christmas gift idea. Since I missed the window for almost all Christmas gift ordering this year (things just take SO long to get to Saipan), I spent a decent chunk of December making presents for Burke and Pi- including a batch of extra fabulous stuffed snakes.

    This just took me back (a LONG time ago) when I had a big stuffed snake collection which I eventually gave to my nephew…I think he still has them and he just turned 50! lol! BTW I HATE snakes!

  • When we were in London, many years ago, we bought a stuffed snake. Years later, both our children love it and fight often over who gets to play with it. When my daughter went to day care, and I made her a snake to take with her. So, of course, my son wanted one too.

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While there last week, my kids saw some stuffed snakes for sale in the gift shop………..and you know me, if it looks easy enough to make, there’s no way on this green earth that I’m going to pay money for it. Well, unless it’s super cheap. But you know gift shops…….they’re NEVER cheap. (Like the bottle of sunscreen that I bought because I forgot ours, cost me $15.00!!!!)