R 82 Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles - Bathroom

All of these tiles are from our different styrofoam ceiling tiles lines and are easily installed on any surface.

Faux Ceiling Tile - 20x20" Anet White Foam

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  • As mentioned, Styrofoam ceiling tiles are . All you need is the right kind of glue. There are two specific adhesives that are the industry standard for Styrofoam tile installation.

    This multi-purpose, R32 decorative styrofoam ceiling tiles can also be used as an attractive background texture or a photography backdrop as shown in the picture below.

  • Get creative with your residential ceiling projects without overwhelming your budget. Styrofoam ceiling tiles are affordable and they cover up that ugly popcorn ceiling with a range of styles are only limited to your imagination. Would you prefer a classic look to your ceilings? Many tiles are designed with Greek, Deco, and Gothic designs for a touch of elegance. Use water-based golden, pearl, or off-white paint to give your living room, kitchen, or bedroom a .

    In addition to our vast selection of (also known as plastic ceiling tiles or ceiling skins) and Styrofoam ceiling tiles, we also sell faux tin backsplashes in a myriad of styles to match all of your design needs. Whether you are installing you are a contractor, or installing your yourself, our high quality products are guaranteed to provide the best value in the industry with our price-match policy.

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    • Ceiling Tiles (436)
      • 20" x 20" Styrofoam Tiles (436)

  • Store home
    • Ceiling Tiles (436)
      • 20" x 20" Styrofoam Tiles (436)

    One of the most important benefits is how affordable Styrofoam ceiling tiles are. Their low price makes them a highly attractive alternative that costs less money than removing a popcorn ceiling. DIYers save on labor and material by installing their polystyrene tiles themselves, and, even more importantly, installation takes hours, not days. Imagine being able to lie beneath a new expanse of color or texture in less time, and money, than it takes to move to another apartment.

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles – Plain White

Styrofoam or Polystyrene Ceiling Tiles are a Great Idea for Remodeling, Renovating or Building a New home or Office or preparing your Home or Office for sale, for a beautiful upgrade our Styrofoam Ceiling tiles or a perfect fit for your innovative project.