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Deluxe Child Jake Sully costume includes:*Jacket w/att shirt*Mask*Pants

Disney Pixar Monsters University Sulley Toddler Classic Costume, 4-6

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  • My 11 year old daughter is wearing this homemade Sully costume. My kids wanted to be the characters of Monsters Inc this year so her brother is Mike and her sister is Boo. Finding the fabric was the hardest part but I finally found some online. For the body we sewed together a loose fitting one piece outfit that opens in the back. Then I sprayed purple spots in random places with purple hair spray paint. For the tail, I wrapped a pool noodle in the fabric and glued fabric "spikes" along the hem line. The head took the most time. I started with a box about the size of a large shoe box. I cut even slabs of Styrofoam and glued about 3 layers on the top and sides so I could shave it down to a rounded shape. For the front piece (the face), I sketched an outline of Sully's face into the Styrofoam sheet, including horns, and lined it up with the front of the box. I cut the mouth out-large enough for my daughter to see because that area aligns with her eyes. She wanted Sully to be taller than her and that seemed to be the best way to achieve that. I backed the mouth with a black screen. I used smooth Styrofoam balls for the eyes and hand painted the eyes. Then I cut eye sockets into the face and glued them. I sculpted a nose out of leftover 3 sheet thick Styrofoam and painted it blue. Originally I spray painted it but learned really quick that spray pain dissolves Styrofoam! Before I covered his head and face with the fabric, I rolled up felt and glued it above the brow line and cheek line to give it a 3D look. Then I glued the fabric to the face and head. Because it is so furry I didn't have to worry about seems. This costume was a hit at the local fall festival and all the little kids loved her!

    The Jake Sully Avatar costume will let kids and adults look like they are participating in the Avatar Program as the Na’vi-human hybrid, Corporal Jake Sully, as he wanders through the Pandora jungle in his human clothes. It includes a khaki jacket with ruched shoulders, attached black shirt with Na’Vi style blue striped arm sleeves and a blue collar, matching khaki pants with attached tail and a blue character mask.

  • Since it's release back in 2001, Monsters Inc has become a huge hit amongst both adults and children all across the world and with it's recent release of Monsters University it's no wonder that everyone want's to recreate their favourite characters from the Pixar franchise. You too can now transform into the instantly recognizable big blue monster also known as James P Sullivan with this fantastic Officially Licensed Adults Sully costume.

    For the kid who loves monsters more than they fear them, the Kid's Monsters Inc Sully Costume is the one to get for Halloween. Battle not with monsters this Halloween, become one instead!

  • This year I built two costumes from scratch. I am in the Sully costume (Large blue monster) and my wife is in the Mike (eyeball) costume. Sully is made from chicken wire, upholstery foam, and blue fur. Mike was made from closed cell foam glued into a ball using the same technique as a pattern on a world globe or orange slices. It was then covered with green duck tape. The eyeball is a punch bowl. We painted the white on the inside so the outside remained shiny. The iris was painted on the outside with a airbrush. The hat was made with the same closed cell foam and covered in blue duck tape. Too many hours of work to count. I have lived these costumes for two months with pretty much nothing else.

DIY Sully Costume | Mia Mac - YouTube

Ladies, I am wondering if any of you can help me. My two boys are obsessed with the movie Monsters Inc. I have found a Mike costume for my youngest and I am now desperately looking for a Sully costume. The only place I can find it is ebay and people are charging almost seventy bucks for them. I really don't want to pay that much money for a costume that they are only going to be in for a few hours. Wondering if anyone knows where I can get my hands on one for a cheaper price. Thanks so much in advance!