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Superman Colors (DC Board Books)

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  • It is a known fact that kids not only idolize superman, but also try to follow his style. check out 25 free printable superman coloring pages for your kids.. Cartoon coloring pages: children love to color images of cartoon characters. for this reason, we bring coloring pages of famous cartoons like disney cartoons coloring.

    Superman, the fictional superhero from the popular DC Comics comic book series with the same name, is one of the first superhero characters that gave birth to the American Superhero genre. The character is widely acknowledged as a cultural icon in various Western nations including the United States. The Superman comics were originally created in 1933 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, two high school students from Cleveland, Ohio. Superman, born on the planet of Krypton, was sent to Earth as an infant by his father to save him from the upcoming destruction of his home planet. He started to demonstrate superhuman abilities at a very young age and decided to utilize his super power for protecting the innocent people of Metropolis, his fictional hometown. Apart from comic books, the character has appeared in numerous television series and films.
    Here is a collection of some of the best Superman coloring pages for you to choose from. Select any of these easily printable coloring pages and gift them to your children to introduce them to the fantastic world of superheros where good always triumphs over evil. These coloring pages can take your kids to an unknown fantasy-land where they can learn the differences between right and wrong. Filling these coloring pages with the suitable colors is a fun and educative way to enter the world the amazing world of Superman before your children can move on to the comic books, films and video games. So, go ahead and pick the best Superman coloring pages and your kids are sure to love them.

  • Step 1: Click on "Print" link of your choice, if you want a Superman image for coloring yourself then you need to click on "Print Superman Coloring page (B/W)" link. If you want colored (already filled with colors) Superman graphic to print then click "Print Superman Coloring page (Color)".

    These Coloring Pages is really useful for early child education but you don't need become a teacher to create coloring books to print. All the content of this website, including Superman Coloring Pages is free to use, but remember that some images have trademarked characters and you can only use it for strictly free and educational purposes. You can freely use it in your house, kindergarten or preschool.

  • It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman and he has come to deliver some fantastic superman coloring pages straight to your little guy’s hands. After all, coloring the man of steel is one of the best ways to channel his heroic energy. And if that isn’t enough, you can always track down a Superman cape and watch your pint size crime fighter zoom around the house faster than a speeding bullet. He can even use his x-ray vision to tell you when dinner is ready to come out of the oven!

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