The SWAP Force Starter Pack comes with the original Portal of Power

Take your Skylanders SWAP Force™ adventure to the major game system of your choice!

Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack - Nintendo Wii

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  • Finally, we have to include Spyro the Dragon, not just because of his video game lineage, but also because he's a terrific character in Swap Force. His growth in horn size enables him to have more effective running ram attacks – his horns light up when you execute one. He can also pounce on enemies with a mighty ground slam, and breathe fire attacks – just as he's done in his previous games.

    One of the better characters in the Skylanders saga gets even better – though a bit grosser – in Swap Force. He can spew a devastating amount of lava from his mouth to create a small circle of destruction surrounding him – yes, he does indeed puke it up. Also, he can throw flying fist attacks from his hands to hit enemies from afar, and spit out fireballs to take care of anyone nearby.

  • In many ways getting good value from Swap Force is similar to my advice for Giants. Firstly your family need to avoid falling into the trap of wanting to collect all the figures – that would cost hundreds. Secondly persuade the kids to pick their favourite character to save for and buy. Thirdly ensure that children have finished the game and completed character challenges before thinking of adding new Skylanders to their collection.

    Skylanders: Swap Force is the next adventure to come from the toy video game cross-over king. Not to be outdone by Disney Infinity, Swap Force features all new toys that can swap parts with one another. Swapping the torso of one toy with another creates a new character combination that translates as new abilities within the game.

  • Skylanders Swap Force hasn’t been dated or priced yet but is expected to cost in the same region as previous games and to appear towards the end of the year.

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That said, make sure you take the time to help new characters grow. They really fit into Swap Force's world quite well, and the more you open them up, the more they can do for you in the game.