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Glendora Police Department SWAT Truck

WoMa Swat Corps Series Building Blocks Set with mini figures Force Police Team Building Bricks Car / Helicopter / Gunship / Truck / Aircraft Compatible (WM10, Swat Corps Set)

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  • Our used SWAT vehicles include bulletproof trucks, tactical trucks including used armored SWAT trucks, used armored SWAT vans, and more. Let us help you find the used armored security vehicles that are right for your business or organization.

    Armored SWAT trucks are produced specifically for institutional clients to use in tactical situations. Every armored SWAT truck we build is designed and manufactured using high-hardened ballistic steel, armored glass, and ultra-high-performance composite armors. While most armored SWAT trucks are built to European Level B6+ standards, we also offer B7-level armor-piercing proteciton to give SWAT agents, police forces, bomb squads, or military personnel the highest level of protection available on the market. Additionally, all of our armored SWAT trucks come with high-end runflat inserts so that the vehicle can keep moving even when under attack. In addition to the standard armoring features we offer, the following options can be added to nearly any of our armored SWAT truck configurations:

  • Trust your need for to the professionals at The Armored Group. We have a variety of used armored SWAT vans, and used armored SWAT trucks from General Motors and others. Our are customized to your specifications. And all of our , armored trucks, and armored vans benefit from superior technology and design.

    Our Armored SWAT Truck manufacturing facility is located in San Antonio, TX. To schedule a tour of our facility, please e-mail us at .

    SWAT Truck “Sprinter"

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    3.0L V-6 Turbo Diesel
    154hp @ 3400 rpm
    (Protection on all sides to Level A9 against high power rifles such as: 7.62x39,
       5.56x45, .03-06 and 7.62x51 rounds)
    More Details on the Armoring Can Be Provided Upon Request
    Based on a Dodge Sprinter

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    TAC specializes in building armored SWAT trucks for buisnesses, governments, and private individuals in need of executive protection. In fact, our staff has over 30 years of experience producing armored cars, armored trucks, and armored SUVs. We specialize in high-end armored SWAT truck projects for our distinguished clients, so please contact us today to discuss your armored SWAT truck needs.

Alpine's Pit-bull VX SWAT Truck

The Combine Special Weapons and Tactics Truck, or simply the Combine SWAT Truck, is a vehicle cut from . It can be found as concept art in , with the on a door. Although the concept art seems to be based on a model, it cannot be found in the Beta files, and no further information is given about it. It is apparently an American SWAT truck recycled by the Combine. It was likely removed due to redundancy with the .