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  • Our long swim pants are sleek and slimming. These versatile pants can also be used for exercise, or all activities both in and out of the water. They have UV protection, and are so comfortable you will want to wear them all day.

    Prosun's knee length swim pants provide all day comfort and excellent modesty in and out of water. Simple, comfortable and durable, this pants is everything you're looking for. It can be used in almost all activities like swimming, snorkeling, hiking and cycling, Prosun's swim pants is attachable to Prosun's swim top. Suitable for all sporty men and ladies.

  • To solve the problem of wet and uncomfortable diapers, manufacturers make swim pants with special fibers that are less absorbent than those of traditional disposable and cloth diapers. The fibers do not draw in moisture from the surrounding water, so they do not become soggy or heavy as a baby swims. The core of the diaper is designed to capture solid waste, keeping it safely contained inside of the diaper to prevent messy leaks that can contaminate pool water. A swim diaper can be worn as swimming trunks or a topless bathing suit or paired with a baby bikini top for little girls. Parents can also layer the swim pants beneath a bathing suit.

    Take care of your skin and pair up your swim shirt with our wide selection of swimming pants and swim tights. You take the time to protect your upper body, don't forget about your legs.

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    For success with swim pants, it's important to keep a few things in mind. First, swim pants are generally designed to accommodate solid waste and not urine, making it a good idea to keep your baby in a regular diaper until it's time to swim. Then, you can change him or her into the swim pants and change back to a diaper after he or she has taken a dip. Swim pants must also fit properly in order to keep leaks from occurring. Manufacturers typically size swim pants by weight, so be sure to check the sizing guidelines of products before you make your purchase.

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Swim diapers and swim pants are not a substitute for frequent diaper changing and bathroom breaks. It is recommended that swim diapers and swim pants are checked frequently and changed away from the poolside.