Hot Wheels Terrordactyl Track Set

Prehistoric Pets TERRORDACTYL® Interactive Dinosaur

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The Terrordactyls [Explicit]
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The MOTUC version of Terrordactyl will be more organic than the 200X robotic version.
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The following synopsis for ‘Terrordactyl’ was released by Marvista Entertainment:


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  • Highly recommend the Lantern Cave Tour. Lots of fun and different than your normal walk thru tour. Tour guides are informative and fun! And.....fight your fears and ride the TerrorDactyl. I was scared stupid, but with the urging of my friend, we jumped on it and even though I screamed like a school girl, it was an amazing, adrenaline-filled ride that you won't soon forget! Beautiful views if you can quit screaming and look around! A visit I won't soon forget.....go do it!

    What do you think of this new TerrorDactyl Falls ride in CoasterVille? Have you already started building yours, or will you wait until a later time to finish it? Sound off in the comments!

  • The Terrordactyl just loves to snap away at anything he sees. Advances Dino-Robotics let him interact with you just like a real pet would, and he even has20 scary dino sounds for you to enjoy!

    With the launch of the in , Zynga has released what looks to be the first of many dinosaur-themed content updates across our theme parks. Now that we've had a chance to start building our own animatronic dinosaurs, it's time to take a break from that and build a new ride for our guests. The TerrorDactyl Falls ride is available to place for free via a new quest series in our park, and we're here with a guide to help you get started on building it.

  • TF2010: Mattel Press Release - Prehistoric Pets
    Posted by Curto on February 13, 2010 at 12:00 PM CST:

    Prehistoric Pets
    2010 Fact Sheet

    Mattel continues to advance the world of interactive toys with its Prehistoric Pets line which provides breakthrough play experiences that utilize innovative robotic technology to provide their “owners” with hours of creative play time. In 2010, two new additions to the interactive pet dinosaur family – Terrordactyl™ and Cruncher™ – are pet dinos brought to life through robotics and sensors to excite and inspire kid’s imaginations.

    Prehistoric Pets CRUNCHER™ Interactive Dinosaur
    This crazy, hungry, fast-attacking pet dinosaur has a mind of his own! Combining robotics and sensor technology, Cruncher™ acts just like a real pet. He’ll beg for food, come when called, and purr happily when he’s petted. If sent into attack mode though, he’ll rear up on his hind legs and charge forward with startling speed while snapping his massive jaws! Through four button modes on his collar, kids can set him to guard, play catch, and even bust out a dance move!
    SRP: $99.99 Age: 6+ Available: August 2010

    Prehistoric Pets TERRORDACTYL® Interactive Dinosaur

    Terrordactyl® is a fast-snapping, grub-spitting, interactive dinosaur! When his sensors are triggered, he'll snap at anything that moves but, rest-assured, boys can tame him by feeding him his disgusting, sticky grub. Beware – if he doesn’t like who approaching, he'll spit it out for gooey fun!
    SRP: $34.99 Age: 6+ Available: July 2010

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    This was no SyFy production it was actually watchable. Acting was acceptable . Barmaid is easy on the eyes, And lets give thanks to the war experienced Marines. Just another reason we need guns and must protect against all threats being foreign or domestic. Granted the 2 landscapers aren't the two sharpest tools in the shed and I just wanted to smack them in the head at times. Plenty of action but being stupid isn't my idea of comedy.

    I always imagine Pterosaur to all have tails some longer than others. I am guessing it a gender thing; but the lack of tail didn't make the smaller "Terrordactyl" any less scary. I would had like to seen more gore but that is what zombie movies are for.

    I liked this B movie Indy film. I feel this was good thanks to Don Bitter 111 Visual effects. The CGI wasn't noticeably fake like most shows and movies with a higher budget. I feel the automatic and even pump shotguns should have shell casing discharging; this is often over looked by the director. It would had had a more realistic feel if the streets had more panicking people with car crashes and the highways jamb full of cars. When the streets are desolated it does translate to doom & gloom but also gives a studio instead of on site aura. If you have some time it's worth watching. more fun than washing dishes and some films don't make that cut. I may just watch it again.

The TerrorDactyl at Cave of the Winds - Duration: 1:34

When a meteor shower rains down outside Los Angeles, Jonas and Lars head out to find a meteor and strike it rich. After recovering one, they start being stalked by terrordactyls, flying reptiles that launch a on the city. Trying to survive, they go on the run with Candice, a bartender; Valerie, her sultry roommate; and Sampson, a brash ex-Marine. They must become the unlikeliest of heroes and fight to take back Los Angeles and make the terrifying terrordactyls extinct once again.