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Apple iPod touch 16 GB (1st Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • But there’s a report making the rounds that Apple will launch a new iPod touch soon. There’s a good chance that Apple will update processor, which means this could be the first iPod touch with an Apple A7 or later processor based on ARMv8 64-bit technology.

    The iPhone been out about 18 months by the time the first iPod touch had been released. The iPhone 3G had debuted a few months earlier and, by this time, Apple knew it had a hit on its hands with the iPhone (though not yet how big a hit). It also knew that not everyone wanted, needed, or could afford an iPhone.

  • Camera:The Camera app works with the iPod touch 4's dual cameras to take pictures, record videos, and edit them all in one app. Similarly, there are synchronized sharing options within the app, so users can send their pictures to friends or post them on Facebook and Twitter with a tap of the screen. The iPod touch 4G is the first iPod touch model to have not only one camera, but two, the front camera is 0.3mp and the back is 0.7mp but supports HD video recording at 720p. There are apps on the App Store that make the camera better.

    The first reviews of the iPod touch have cited some differences compared to similar . One of the biggest criticisms of the iPod touch was that it did not have the iPhone's , and tracking applications. Another complaint mentioned that the iPod touch had no physical buttons for volume control - a feature that the had. The iPod touch instead used software-based controls, which makes users to double click the home button, bringing up an on-screen volume control. The iPod touch also did not have the iPhone's external speakers, built-in , and capability, but the 2nd generation onward has external speakers and the Bluetooth capability. The fourth generation, released in September 2010, was the first iPod touch to feature the retina display and two built-in cameras for FaceTime and for videos and still photos. At least one critic has suggested that Apple may have left out these applications and hardware features on purpose in order to differentiate the iPod touch from its more expensive cousin, the iPhone. Others say that the touch does not need the applications mentioned above because it's an and not a . However, the 2009 model of the iPod touch does feature Bluetooth, but only to link with bluetooth headphones.

  • Successive updates to iOS since the initial release in 2007 have released additional features. 2.0, released on July 11, 2008, introduced the , which allowed third-party applications for the first time. iPhone OS 3.0, released on June 17, 2009, added features such as cut, copy, and paste, and support. iOS 4.0, released on June 21, 2010, introduced , , and multitasking. It dropped support for the first generation iPod Touch.

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