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  • I've already written about that defined my youth—but as the comments in that article aptly demonstrated, there’s far more to PC gaming than just space combat sims. In this nostalgia piece, I'm both widening and narrowing the net—this time, I'm setting aside genre and game type and instead looking at the first five PC games I ever brought home from the local .

    It’s also important to note that while these were the first games we bought, they weren’t the first games I ever played. We had a big wood-paneled Atari VCS (later known as the ) with an enormous cardboard box of games that my uncle had given us, and by the time I was five or six, I was already an old hand at games like River Raid and Berzerk. But as a card-carrying member of the "," the first PC games I (or at least my family) bought from the store hold a special place in the game shelf of my heart.

  • And once PC's began infiltrating corporate America, a virtually exclusive I.B.M. franchise for decades, Big Blue felt compelled to act. In fact, in contrast to the developers of the first PC's, I.B.M. didn't see its personal computer as very personal at all. It was aimed at the office desktop.

    See the first IBM PC, the IBM 5150 from 1981 in action.

    This PC was build in 1983 and is upgraded to the full 640KB RAM and with two 30MB MFM-Harddisks.

    The CPU is a AMD 8088 (second source).

  • I also saved all the original manuals and disks (DOS 1.0) from the first IBM PC I purchased new when it first came out. Is there a market for these items and if so, are they worth much?

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Amstrad CPC 464 with green monitor!!!!then i changed it for a commodore Amiga 500 with 1 MB o RAMThe i became sentimental and bought one Commodore 64 and a Spectrum zx 64kbAfter these computers i got an apple Centirs 610 and then my first PC with an VGA card (i do not remember its specifications).