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Universal Video Game Case with Full Sleeve Insert (25-pack)

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  • I remember going to the local video game store not just to pick up a game on the day it came out, but to actually browse titles. There was a kind of excitement that built as I drove (or farther back, pedaled) there. It was a place where I would meet likeminded people and have real world conversations about what was happening in the gaming world. It was a reason to get out of the basement. The store had its own particular smell and there were all walks of life gathered in public by one common passion. I even miss the 40 something, slightly overweight, totally disinterested guy behind the counter. It was almost a game in itself to try and find a subject to arouse his interest.

    With the growth of online game downloads we may soon see the unintentional fall of the brick and mortar video game store. We all enjoy the convenience of downloading our favorite game titles, and, with all major gaming platforms finally realizing the value in social gaming, more and more of our interaction with other gamers is happening in a virtual world. But there was a time when the video game store was king.

  • e-Xpress one of the biggest gaming publishers in India have launched yet another video games store in India. The latest one is the first ever store in South India and is located in Chennai. This is also the third Game Shop, two others are currently located in Mumbai.

    The idea for was originated in the summer of 2005 and the first store opened in jersey city on april 15th 1996. Our mission was simple — to create a HUGE oasis in the video game retail world where classic and vintage games would not only exist, but here they would be cleaned, merchandised, presented, and sold in a way that no other video game store has ever done. Old video games are not just a forgotten little shelf in the back at our stores — they fill our ENTIRE stores! We do realize that this concept is the 100% opposite of the way most video game stores operate, but we like it that way.

  • But Gol was already a specialty retailer-one with 10 inline toy stores to run. As he rang up customers, he continued to think about the video game store. His customers kept the thought in the front of his mind. “A lot of people came into our toy stores and offered us a lot of money to find the Xbox 360 through our wholesale connections.” When a customer offered Gol $2,000, it was proof-positive that the video game market had big potential. In quick order he closed his 10 inline toy stores to dive into his new video venture. In May 2006, the first 3D Games store opened in the 1.3 million-square-foot Katy Mills outlet center, in Katy, TX.

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Seriously? We've done this 'argument' more than a few times. Just because they've got a price up, doesn't mean you can't offer less for it. Worst that will happen is that they'll go to their videogame store owner forums and bitch that some customer wanted to ONLY spend 5 bucks on a game that they sell for 15 all day long.