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This heartwarming onesie. | 27 Adorable Harry Potter Things Your Baby Needs

Pregnant? New Baby? Need Sleep!: Easy things you can do to protect an expectant mother and her baby from potential harm from ordinary lighting.

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  • There are FIVE things ALL babies need…
    1) your arms – babies need to be held and cherished.
    2) your smile – babies need to know your joy.
    3) your brain – babies need your best thoughts, decisions, and actions.
    4) your heart – the 2nd most important thing required by all babies.
    5) your prayers – the Lord provides an avenue to give your child everything else!

    Whether we are rich or poor doesn’t matter too much to our babies. Most of babies basic wants are ones that really aren’t material. Shelter and warmth obviously do cost money but this is a list about the top free things babies need most ….

  • What does a baby really need in the first weeks at home? The answer is - not much. This basic baby needs checklist will help you choose those baby essentials, often called the layette, that your little one needs to have in the first precious weeks of life.

    Babies are a lot of effort , they require energy, creativity, stamina , resilience and commitment far more than they require shiny designer prams and glossy nurseries. I think one thing all babies need is a strong, devoted carer.

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