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thomas at Tidmouth Sheds Set

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Tidmouth Sheds

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  • The toy is not perfect, but is still pretty nice, and is a nice start to a larger set, or an addition to an existing set. If your child is serious about Thomas I recommend Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds by Hit Toys.

    As I said above Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds is an entire train set. It comes with a Thomas train and a cargo car. The Thomas toy is a standard sized die cast Thomas engine. The cargo car actually holds the batteries for both Thomas and the cargo car, they are held together by a plastic latch and some wiring. If the two get separated Thomas will no longer work on the track or at all. Thomas face can be changed with the flick of a button. He can have either a smiley face or a surprised face.

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    Complete play set with track remote-controlled Thomas train Tidmouth Sheds Harold the Helicopter Tracks, including a special spur track Bridge Mountain Helipad Buffer Sodor destination sign

    R/C Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds (originally called Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds and Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds Set in the UK) is a set by HiT Toy Company, Tomy, and Fisher-Price.

    Thomas and Friends Discover Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds UW320

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