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Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Tidmouth Sheds

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  • There are many stops to make on the Island of Sodor! Your Wooden Railway engines can visit each of these favorite destinations. For Thomas and his friends, every day begins and ends at Tidmouth Sheds! Includes a working turntable and holds up to five engines (not included). Back is open for easy access. Ages 2 yrs. +.
    Tidmouth Sheds is where all engines start and end their day
    Tidmouth Sheds holds up to five engines
    Features working turntable
    Works great with any Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway set
    Expand your world of Thomas and Friends and create your very own Thomas adventures

    R/C Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds (originally called Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds and Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds Set in the UK) is a set by HiT Toy Company, Tomy, and Fisher-Price.

  • "Now you can give your Thomas & Friends HO scale locomotives a place of their own after a full day's work on the Island of Sodor. Five bays and a manually operated turntable keep engines ready for new and exciting adventures! Tidmouth sheds can be expanded to include up to twelve stalls by using the Tidmouth Sheds Expansion Pack."

    Tidmouth Sheds is a destination and the home of the Steam Team. It was introduced to replace the . It comes with a grey and green version of the .

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  • R/C Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds


    • 2007 (TrackMaster [HiT Toy Company])
    • 2008 (TrackMaster [Tomy])
    • 2010 (TrackMaster [Fisher-Price]

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    • 64001 (TrackMaster [HiT Toy Company])
    • 178245 (TrackMaster [Tomy])
    • V0301 (TrackMaster [Fisher-Price])

    Tidmouth Sheds and the surrounding area is engineered so that there can be many engines there at a time. There are many surrounding sheds and sidings for the engines to relax. There is also a large turntable which can fit two tank engines or small diesels (such as or ) or one tender engine or large diesel (such as or ). There is also a searchlight and a watch tower nearby, as well as several houses. There is a roadway passing through the area as well.

Tidmouth Sheds and the surrounding area.

"Thomas Land," an 11-acre section of Edaville USA, has 11 attractions and a 20-minute scenic train ride on a life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine. Guests can stroll through Knapford Station, explore Tidmouth Sheds and Brendam Docks, hop on Bertie's Bus Tours, join Gordon, James, Emily, Percy and Sir Topham Hatt for a live stage show, ride the Troublesome Trucks roller coaster and take Winston's Skyline Express.